A l t a r h o u s e -

Yoga is personal. 

Your practice will be different from anyone else's. You'll have your own intentions, a unique focus, a particular perspective. Your yoga is your yoga. 

And that is as it should be. 

Not skinny? Not bendy? Not twenty?This is the space for you. Our intention is to bring the healthy, stress-relieving benefits of yoga to anyone who feels called to practice. We encourage you to bring your whole self to yoga—no matter your age, size, shape, gender, fitness or experience level. 

We practice whole yoga. Yoga is not just about the bends and stretches. Our instruction is infused with a respectful awareness of yoga principles, and we honor the history, culture and evolution of yoga. We're dedicated to offering sound instruction in a way that respects your body and spirit. This is yoga for the whole you

                                         ~Get your ideas off the mat and onto the page.

 ~Bring cultural awareness to your teaching.

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