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The "Woke Yoga" Workshop
Offering yoga in diverse communities 

Statistically speaking, the majority of people teaching yoga are young, female and white. If you are offering yoga in schools, for veterans, in prisons—you may be working with a population that is racially, ethnically or culturally different from you. You understand the benefits of yoga and are working to spread information and access to those who can profit, but the best teacher with the best intentions will face cultural landmines that can undermine the purpose and benefit of yoga. In this workshop, we offer suggestions for navigating many of those potential problems so that your program offerings can be most effective.
    We discuss the importance of practicing and sharing “whole yoga.” Our premise is that the entire science and system of yoga—cultural grounding, ethical lessons, self-care practices, and mindfulness techniques—can enhance the benefits to clients, but also support the yoga teacher in providing consistently mindful yoga offerings.
    This workshop welcomes (and challenges) anyone who wants to provide a more accessible yoga experience.

Book, Blog and Media Development
When it's time to get your words off the mat and into the world, we can help. As a national magazine editor turned college professor, Tamara Jeffries has helped brilliant experts bring their books to fruition. She has worked with nutritionists, psychologists and M.D.s, and contributed to a number of health and wellness titles, including as an editorial contributor to the Journal of Yoga Service. She writes frequently about physical health, personal growth, family, relationships, and spirituality. 
   When you're ready to write a book proposal, manuscript, e-book, article or blog, she can help.

Mindful Munch
Eating with Intention
with Constance Brown Riggs, RD

We watch fat, carbs, calories, gluten... But are we watching ourselves when we eat? New nutrition science says that conscious eating may be a surer path to good health and ideal weight than following "official" nutrition guidelines or diet trends. This non-judgmental, food-positive workshop or webinar focuses less on what we eat than how and why. We discuss pyramids and portion sizes, food foreplay, hunger versus craving, and the role of memory, and emotions in what we eat. We mindfully examine eating habits through the lens of yoga principles while we practice "tasting" with all our senses.


Recent Events

Yoga Service Conference
Best Practices for Cultural Competency: A View from a Historically Black College
Presented by
Tamara Jeffries + Santiba Campbell, Ph.D. 

Since Bennett College--a small, Southern, historically-black women's college--added yoga to its course offerings, the course has been in high demand. But teaching yoga to this distinct population pointed out the need to increase cultural awareness and eliminate micro-barriers in the yoga world. Using social psychology theories and yoga principles, we discuss the challenges and opportunities for yoga teachers to bring greater cultural awareness to their instruction.
  • May 19-21, 2017
  • The Omega Institute
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Native Yoga
Yoga at the Tribal Grounds of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation

This yoga session was one of a series on health-promotion events offered by 
the OBSN, a small, historically-rich Indian community in Alamance County, North Carolina.  This session respectfully introduced the health benefits and traditions of yoga, while honoring the traditional tribal space and a branch of Tamara's ancestral heritage. 
  • July 8, 2017
  • OBSN Tribal Center
  • Burlington, NC

Chair Yoga 
Sessions with Seniors

The residents at The Willows senior living complex wanted to get moving.  We offered a gentle, whole-body practice that they were able to do from the comfort and security of their chairs. Our sequence was designed to accommodate a range of physical conditions, with an eye to increasing flexibility and mobility.  The best part was the laughter! These girls just wanted to have fun. 
  • August 2017
  • The Willows
  • Burlington, NC

First Friday Yoga Party
#ShakeYour Chakras and #GetDownDog

Wooing Nature invited us to shake it up yoga-style at their First Friday Yoga Party series. No soothing music and meditative states here!  We practiced yoga to thumpin' dance beats, and enjoyed drinks and snacks in the beautiful space at HQ Greensboro downtown. 
  • Fridays, Fall 2016
  • HQ Greensboro
  • Greensboro, NC
These sessions will be offered as interest develops. Interested in getting a class going? 
E-mail us!

Whole Yoga 
Not twenty? Not skinny? Not bendy? Not to worry! This class is for beginners, abundant bodies and anyone who desires more flexibility and strength. Gentle, accessible asana variations for people who want to reconnect with their bodies—inside and out. Encouraging and respectful instruction with no pressure to be a “pretzel.” every size, warmly welcomed. (And the music is upbeat, too!)

Worship Workout
Sunday morning session including peaceful meditation or an upbeat gospel soundtrack. Ask about scheduling classes at your church or place of worship.

Obi Ocha: Clear Heart Yoga 
The Nigerian (Igbo) phrase for “clean heart” or “clear center” is an ideal description of yoga to help ease depression and anxiety. 
Youth Yoga 
Research shows that yoga helps children and teens become more aware of their bodies and increase their ability to focus--reducing ADHD symptoms, stress and juvenile depression. Includes activities and stories for camp, after school, special events.
Private Practice
One-to-one sessions for people who desire personalized instruction or who want to develop a home practice. We also offer after-hours yoga in your workspace, as well as small-group sessions in your home.  

Yoga Parties 
No new-age mood music. No quiet meditative states. We pump the thumpin'-est music to shake your chakras. Gives new meaning to "hot" yoga!   

AltarHouse Interiors
“Sukha” is the yogic concept of happiness that comes from feeling physically and emotionally unobstructed. I believe that cultivating clear, inviting space in your physical environment encourages internal peace and equanimity----as well.     

AltarHouse Interiors can help you create inspiring environments appropriate for work, yoga practice, prayer/meditation or other activities. Whether you want a welcoming space or a peaceful retreat, a room that is serene or energized, we will create a peaceful, uncluttered environment styled to inspire creativity and growth, and reflecting your personal aesthetic, tastes and budget.          


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